LT-393-5A 0-10V LED Dimming Driver (Constant Voltage)


Ⅰ. Product Parameter
LT-393-5A   0-10V LED Dimming Driver
Input voltage  DC12V~DC24V
Signal input  0-10V analog dimming signal
Signal Output  PWM LED dimming signal
Max loadable current  5A/CH×3
Max Output power  180W@12V/360W@24V
Temperature range  -30℃~55℃
Product size  L121XW39XH39(mm)
Package size  L123XW42XH42(mm)
Weight(GW)  90g
Ⅱ Basic Features:
1.  0 – 10V to PWM dimming signal conversion.
2.  Optical isolation protection for input & output;
3.  Compatible with many brand dimming systems.
4.  Working voltage from DC12V~DC24V
5.  3 output channels, every channel can load max 5A, 15A totally.
6.  Multi  units  can  be  worked  together  or  use  our  power  repeaters  to
control more lamps.

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