Module RFM83CL

RFM83C series is a low cost, high performance ASK/OOK receiver module with operating at 315/433.92MHz.It is Customizable for special operation frequency. It features high reliability, low power consumption, high sensitivity, high performance. It provides one additional; a shutdown pin, which may be used the device off for duty-cycled operation. It is your ideal choice for designing wireless data transmission products which can be widely used on wireless data transmission field.Features
Low cost, high performance
Data rate range: see the back of Note
Power Supply =5V@315MHZ
Operating Current =3.0mA
Sensitivity = -110dBm
ISM Frequency band
ASK/OOK receive modulation
Operation frequency 315MHz,433.92MHz
SMD and DIP PackageApplication
Wireless data transmission
Household automatization
Remote system for alarm

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