Datasheet:   Trimble Lassen iQ Manual – PDFKey Features:

12-channel simultaneous operation
Ultra-low power consumption: less than 90 mW (27 mA) @ 3.3 V
Dual sensitivity modes with automatic switching
Aided GPS through TSIP
Antenna open and short circuit detection and protection
Compact size: 26 mm W x 26 mm L x 6 mm H
Supports NMEA 0183, TSIP, TAIP, DGPS protocols
Trimble quality at low cost



L1 frequency, C/A code (SPS), 8-channel, continuous tracking receiver, 32 correlators

Update rate:

TSIP @ 1Hz; NMEA @ 1Hz; TAIP @ 1Hz


Horizontal: <6 meters (50%), <9 meters (90%) Altitude: <11 meters (50%), <18 meters (90%) Velocity: 0.06 m/sec PPS: ±95 nanoseconds DGPS accuracy: Position: 2m CEP (50%) Velocity: 0.06 m/sec (1 sigma) Acquisition: Hot start: <15 seconds (90%) Warm start: <42 seconds (90%) Cold start: <130 seconds (90%) Cold start requires no initialization. Warm start requires last position, time and almanac saved in battery back-up memory. Hot start requires that the ephemeris also saved. Reacquisition: <2 seconds (90%) (after signal loss) Dynamics: Acceleration: 4g (39.2 m/sec2) Motional Jerk: 20 m/sec3 Operational limits: Altitude <18,000m or velocity <515 m/sec Either limit may be exceeded but not both. Environmental: Operating temp: – 40°C to +85°C Storage temp: –55°C to +100°C Vibration: 0.008 g2/Hz 5Hz to 20Hz 0.05 g2/Hz 20Hz to 100Hz 3dB/octave 100Hz to 900Hz Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% R.H. non-condensing, @ +60°C Electrical: Prime power: +3.0 VDC to +3.6 VDC (3.3 V typ.) Consumption: GPS board only: 95mA, 0.47W With antenna: 120mA, 0.60W Back-up power: +3.2 to +5V DC Up to 20µA (varies on voltage and temperature). A sample module consumes 5µA @ +3.0V, +25°C Antenna power: 3V at 25mA available Open-circuit detection Short-circuit protection Interface Characteristics: Serial ports/1PPS: CMOS TTL levels Supported Protocols: TSIP @ 9600 baud, 8-Odd-1 (configurable) TAIP @ 4800 baud, 8-None-1 (configurable) NMEA 0183 v2.1 @ 4800 baud, 8-None-1 (configurable) RTCM SC-104 @ 4800 baud, 8-None-1 NMEA messages: GGA, VTG, GLL, ZDA, GSV, GSA and RMC Messages selectable by TSIP command; selection stored in non-volatile memory

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