Datasheet  82C54     The 82C54 is a high performance CMOS Programmable Interval Timer manufactured using an 
advanced 2 micron CMOS process.
    The 82C54 has three independently programmable and functional 16-bit counters, each
capable of handling clock input frequencies of up to 8MHz (82C54) or 10MHz (82C54-10)
or 12MHz (82C54-12).
   The high speed and industry standard configuration of the 82C54 make it compatible with
the Intersil 80C86, 80C88, and 80C286 CMOS microprocessors along with many other
industry standard processors. Six programmable timer modes allow the 82C54 to be used
as an event counter, elapsed time indicator, programmable one-shot, and many other
applications. Static CMOS circuit design insures low power operation.

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