Graphics PICtail Plus Daughter Board with 3.2inch Display KitThe Graphics PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board with 3.2 Display Kit allows evaluating Microchip Technologys solution and graphics library for 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers. It includes a Graphics LCD Controller PICtail™ Plus SSD1926 Board (AC164127-5) and a Graphics Display Truly 3.2 240×320 Board (AC164127-4). The kit is compatible with the Explorer 16 development board (DM240001) or one of the PIC32 Starter Boards (DM320001, DM320003).
The features include:

3.2 QVGA (240X320) TFT LCD with 18-bit parallel RGB interface.

Resistive 4-wire touch screen

Graphics display controller Solomon Systech SSD1926 supporting 4/8 bit STN, 4/8 bit CSTN, 18-bit HR-TFT, and 9/12/18/24 bit TFT interface

SD/MMC Card socket, connected to SSD1926 via 4-wire interface

16 Megabit (2Mx8) serial flash memory for additional data storage

Display connector for interfacing with different display boards

PICtail Plus Interface for connecting to Explorer 16 Development Board

PIC32 Starter Kit Connector

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