•  Single-chip, high quality voice recording & Playback solution-  No external ICs required-  Minimum external components•  Non-volatile Flash memory technology-  No battery backup required-  100K record cycles (typical)-  100-year message retention (typical)•  Single message of 20 to 30 seconds, with external resistor selection•  Chip enable pin for simple message expansion•  User-friendly, easy-to-use operation-  Programming & development systems not required-  Level-activated recording & edge-activated playback switches•  Low power consumption-  Operating current: 25mA (typical, no load)-  Standby current: 1uA (typical, no load)•  Automatic power-down feature for longer battery life•  Single 5V power supply•  Package Type : 28 pin DIP ( 600mil ) , 28 pin SOP ( 300mil )        For ROHS compliant + lead free