Datasheet : www.icmaster.com.hk/PDF/mornsun_A_S-1WRB_LS-1WR_EN.pdf
Fixed Input, 1000V Isolation,
Low Cost, Single & Dual Output, 1W DC DC Converters
Continuous Short Circuit Protection-40°C to +85°C Operation
Industry Standard Pinout
UL & cUL ApprovedHigh efficiency up to 86%
1KVDC isolationContinuous Short Circuit ProtectionSIP packageInternal SMD constructionTemperature range: -40°C ~ +85°CNo heat sink requiredNo external component requiredIndustry standard pinoutRoHS Compliancehe A_S-1WR & B_LS-1WR series are specially
designed for applications where a group ofpolar power supplies are isolated from the inputpower supply in a distributed power supplysystem on a circuit board.These products apply to:1) Where the voltage of the input powersupply is fixed (voltage variation ≤ ±10%);2) Where isolation is necessary between inputand output (isolation voltage ≤1000VDC);3) Where the regulation of the output voltageand the output ripple noise are notdemanding.Such as: purely digital circuits, ordinary lowfrequency analog circuits, and IGBT powerdevice driving circuits.

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