dsPIC33F General Purpose Digital Signal Controller (DSC) with seamless migration options to PIC24F, PIC24H MCUs and dsPIC30F DSCs in similar packages.

arameter Name
 CPU Speed (MIPS)
 Memory Type
 Program Memory (KB)
 RAM Bytes
 Temperature Range C
 -40 to 125
 Operating Voltage Range (V)
 3 to 3.6
 I/O Pins
 Pin Count
 System Management Features
 Internal Oscillator
 7.37 MHz, 512 kHz
 nanoWatt Features
 Fast Wake/Fast Control
 Digital Communication Peripherals
 1-UART, 1-SPI, 1-I2C
 Codec Interface
 Analog Peripherals
 1-A/D 10×12-bit @ 500(ksps)
 CAN (#, type)
 0 None
 Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals
 PWM Resolution bits
 3 x 16-bit 1 x 32-bit
 Parallel Port
 Hardware RTCC
dsPIC33FJ12GP201/202 Data Sheet

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