LT3200-700 (12-36V, 700mA, 25W)


I. Product Specifications:Input and output power             DC12V~DC36VOutput signal                              Single channel constant current PWMOutput current                              LT-3200-350: Constant current 350mA                                                        LT-3200-700: Constant current 700mADriving LED quantity                    LT-3200-350: 1~10pcs hi-power 1WLED                                                         LT-3200-700: 1~10pcs hi-power 3WLEDGrey scale                                      256 levelsSwitch size                                       L87×W87(mm)IR Remote size                                L86×W33(mm)Package size                                    L96×W91×H61(mm)Gross weight                                    200gII. Features:1. 0~100°C brightness adjust, infinite knob style dimming+ wireless IR remote dimming, easy    to operate;2. 256 levels grey scale, soft and smoothly, without strobe phenomenon;3. PWM digital dimming+ programs without current surge, longest life tenure of LED;  4. 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% 4 DIY modes, fast adjust;5. 4 DIY modes, with Fluorescent Indicator & delay off button, users friendly;6. When load of constant current/voltage is beyond, add extra repeater to expand power;7. Several different options, convenient to control LED illumination with a different circuit

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