The MCP1702 is a family of CMOS low dropout (LDO) voltage regulators that can deliver up to 250 mA of current while consuming only 2.0 µA of quiescent current (typical). The input operating range is specified from 2.7V to 13.2V, making it an ideal choice for two to six primary cell battery-powered applications, 9V alkaline and one or two cell Li-Ion-powered applications. The MCP1702 is capable of delivering 250 mA with only 625 mV (typical) of input to output voltage differential (VOUT = 2.8V). The output voltage tolerance of the MCP1702 is typically ±0.4% at +25°C and ±3% maximum over the operating junction temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. Line regulation is ±0.1% typical at +25°C. Output voltages available for the MCP1702 range from 1.2V to 5.0V. The LDO output is stable when using only 1 µF of output capacitance. Ceramic, tantalum or aluminum electrolytic capacitors can all be used for input and output. Overcurrent limit and over temperature shutdown provide a robust solution for any application. Package options include the SOT-23A, SOT-89-3, and TO-92.Datasheet.. Voltage – Output
Voltage – Input
Package / Case
Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 125°C