PCWHD Integrated Development Environment gives developers the capability to quickly produce very efficient code from an easily maintainable high-level language. The CCS IDE includes a powerful C-aware editor, debugger, PCB, PCM, PCH, and PCD command-line compilers, a powerful serial communication terminal, list file aware filediff, statistics generation and more. You will be able to compile code for the 12-bit PIC MCU families (PIC10F200, PIC16C55, etc.), the 14-bit PIC MCU families (PIC16F877A, PIC16F88, etc.), the 16-bit PIC18 MCU family (PIC18F452, PIC18F8722, etc.), and the 24-bit PIC24/dsPIC MCU families. PCWHD will integrate into MPLAB IDE or other Microchip Third Party environments and will also link to Microchip Libraries. PCWHD Compiler built-in functions include: Standard C Pre-processors, Interrupt Handlers, Discrete I/O, A/D, I2C, RS232, ICSP and In-Circuit Debugging.

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