The Easy24-33 v6 by MikroElektronika is a general purpose development system for low pin count PIC24 MCUs and dsPIC DSCs. It accepts DIP packages from 14 to 28 pins and comes with a 24F16KA102 installed. You can prototype many applications quickly with this versatile tool. Features include:
– Every I/O pin connected to push button and LED
– I/O pins configurable with pull up/down resistors
– 2×16 character LCD w/ backlight
– Capacitive touch keypad
– 2 potentiometers
– Serial SRAM (64 Kbit) w/ SPI interface
– Serial EEPROM (1 Kbit) w/ I2C interface
– CAN transceiver and temp sensor
– UART/USB converter
– Connectors for USB, RS-232, and all port pins
– Large prototyping area
– Demo versions of Mikro C, Pascal, and Basic compilers (6K program limit)
– Supports optional ZigBee transceiver module (MRF24J40MA)

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