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Contact form 1A / 1C 
Contact Material Ag alloy 
Download contact 240VAC/5A 5A 30VDC 
Maximum switching voltage 250VAC/110VDC 
Maximum switching current 5A 
Maximum switching power 1250VA/150W 
Contact resistance (initial) at6VDC 100m Ω Max 1A 
Electrical life of 100,000 operations (rated load) 
The life 10,000,000 operations (no load) 

Insulation resistance 1000M Ω Min at500VDC 
Contact Us with 1000VAC 50-60HZ voltage (1 min) 
Withstand voltage between coil and contacts 5000VAC 50-60HZ (1 minute) 
Activity time 15ms max 
Release time 8ms maximum 
Ambient temperature -30 ℃ to +70 ℃ 
Limit Impact 10G actions 
Limit destruction 100G 
Vibration 10-55Hz, 1.5mm double amplitude 
Humidity 20-85% RH 
Weight Approx 13g 
Safety standards CE CQC TUV





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