TinySwitch-II integrates a 700 V power MOSFET, oscillator, high voltage switched current source, current limit and thermal shutdown circuitry onto a monolithic device. The start-up and operating power are derived directly from the voltage on the DRAIN pin, eliminating the need for a bias winding and associated circuitry. In addition, the TinySwitch-II devices incorporate auto-restart, line undervoltage sense, and frequency jittering. An innovative design minimizes audio frequency components in the simple ON/OFF control scheme to practically eliminate audible noise with standard taped/varnished • PI-2684-021809 Wide-Range HV DC Input D S EN/UV BP + – + – DC Output TinySwitch-II Optional UV Resistor transformer construction. The fully integrated auto-restart circuit safely limits output power during fault conditions such as output short circuit or open loop, reducing component count and secondary feedback circuitry cost. An optional line sense resistor externally programs a line undervoltage threshold, which eliminates power down glitches caused by the slow discharge of input storage capacitors present in applications such as standby supplies. The operating frequency of 132 kHz is jittered to signifi cantly reduce both the quasi-peak and average EMI, minimizing fi ltering cost.Datasheet Operating Temperature
-40°C ~ 150°C
Voltage – Breakdown
Frequency Range
124kHz ~ 140kHz
Package / Case
8-DIP (0.300″, 7.62mm), 7 Leads