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The VIPER27LN device is an off-line converter with an 800 V rugged power section, a PWM control, two levels of over-current protection, overvoltage and overload protections, hysteretic thermal protection, soft-start and safe auto-restart after any fault condition removal. Burst mode operation and device very low consumption help to meet the standby energy saving regulations. 
Advance frequency jittering reduces EMI filter cost. Brown-out function protects the switch mode power supply when the rectified input voltage level is below the normal minimum level  pecified for the system. The high voltage start-up circuit is embedded in the device.
800 V avalanche rugged power section
PWM operation with frequency jittering for low EMI
Operating frequency:
60 kHz for L type
115 kHz for H type
Standby power < 50 mW at 265 Vac Limiting current with adjustable set point Adjustable and accurate overvoltage protection On-board soft-start Safe auto-restart after a fault condition Hysteretic thermal shutdown

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