Datasheet 81C55General Description :    The MSM81C55-5 has a 2k-bit static RAM (256 bytes) with parallel I/O ports and a timer. It uses
silicon gate CMOS technology and consumes a standby current of 100 micro ampere, maximum,
while the chip is not selected. Featureing a maximum access time of 400 ns, the MSM81C55-5
can be used in an MSM80C85AH system without using wait states. The parallel I/O consists
of two 8-bit ports and one 6-bit port (both general purpose).
   The MSM81C55-5 also contains a 14-bit programmable counter/timer which may be used for
sequence-wave generation or terminal count-pulsingFeature :    • High speed and low power achieved with silicon gate CMOS technology
    • 256 words x 8bits RAM
    • Single power supply, 3 to 6 V
    • Completely static operation
    • On-chip address latch
    • 8-bit programmable I/O ports (port A and B)
    • TTL Compatible
    • RAM data hold characteristic at 2 V
    • 6-bit programmable I/O port (port C)
    • 14-bit programmable binary counter/timer
    • Multiplexed address/data bus
    • Direct interface with MSM80C85AH

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