DatasiheetThông số:The DS90CR217 (see DS90CR217/218A datasheet) trans- mitter converts 21 bits of CMOS/TTL data into three LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) data streams. A phase- locked transmit clock is transmitted in parallel with the data streams over a fourth LVDS link. Every cycle of the transmit clock 21 bits of input data are sampled and transmitted. The FH4-6308 receiver converts the three LVDS data streams back into 21 bits of CMOS/TTL data. At a transmit clock frequency of 75 MHz, 21 bits of TTL data are transmitted at a rate of 525 Mbps per LVDS data channel. Using a 75 MHz clock, the data throughput is 1.575 Gbit/s (197 Mbytes/sec). Complete specifications for the DS90CR217 are located in the DS90CR217/FH4-6308A datasheet. The DS90CR217 supports clock rates from 20 to 85 MHz.

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