Datasheet    The HEF4531B is a parity checker/generator with 13 parity inputs (I0 to I12) and a parity output (O). When the number of parity inputs that are HIGH is even, the output is LOW.        When the number of parity inputs that are HIGH is odd, the output is HIGH. For words of 12 bits or less, the output can be used to generate either odd or even parity byappropriate termination of the unused parity input(s). For words of 14 or more bits, the devices can be cascaded by connecting the output of one device to any parity input ofanother device. When cascading devices, it is recommended that the output of one device be connected to the I12 input of the other device since there is less delay to the output from the I12 input than from any other input (I0 to I11) Number of Circuits
Number of Inputs
Voltage – Supply
0 – 15 V
Logic Level – Low
0 – 2.2 V
Logic Level – High
4.5 – 5.5 V
Operating Temperature
0°C ~ 70°C
Package / Case