Module HPTZ01X


General Description HPTZ01X (HPTZ01-TTL,HPTZ01P-TTL)Serial ZigBee module is development designed by Ember ZigBee chip EM35x. It is a module base on IEEE 802.15.4-2003 standard for the 2.4G ISM band. HPTZ01X is low cost, high performance and ultra compact size module, had included the EmberZnet ZigBee protocol stack, the Mesh network software and the transparent transmission software with the 32-bit ARM® Cortex™- M3 processor. HPTZ01X provides the TTL level UART standard communication port, and less communication command for network building or data transfer and data receive, it let the developer easy to use. HPTZ01X is for all kind of the data transfer, data corrector, LED lamp control, home automation, smart building control, wireless Sensor network, energy monitor, secure wireless monitor.
– Low consumption design, providedifferencehalt or sleep mode
– Provide simple and standard TTLlevel UARTport, and the optional separablewake up PIN.
– Provide the flexible300bps to 460800bps baud rate user setting feature.
– Provide Coordinatoror Router and End Device type.
– Coordinator and Router are easyexchanged by command setting.
– End Device is low current designed; the standby current is less 1uA.
– Support the Point to Point or Mesh structure network. In theoryit is up to 6500 nodes.
– 16 channels from channel 11 to 26 base on IEEE 802.15.4-2003 standard for the 2.4G ISMband.
– Module automatic select the silence channel.
– Automatickeeps backthe original network while poweron or reset.
– Automaticself repair the network while interfered bynoise.
– high secure network under the Link Key andindependent PAN ID designed.Effective to prevent intruded into nodes and protectsthe user data.
– End-user easytosetuptheZigBeenetwork,doesnotneedtheZigBeetechnicalknowledge,only need to know some commands of UART and related technical knowledge.
– Provide the RSSI level.
– provide transparent transmission data linkfor user data in the network.
– Small size designed,easy to install on the mother board.datasheet

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