Module HPZB01P

HPZB01P HopeRF use Ember ZigBee chip developed a low-cost, high-performance, based on the IEEE 802.15.4-2003 standard ZigBee network protocol 2.4GHZ ISM band transceiver module.HPZB01P Maximum transmitting power up to +20dBm.
HPZB01P modules three forms for customers to choose by application:
1, serial transparent port transmission module with MESH networking can be used in any application of wireless MESH network, customers can be omitted complex network protocol development and development of RF, easy to use;
2.customized development of  application-specific protocol ZigBee networking modules, such as lighting control (ZLL protocol), home automation and building control (HA protocol), wireless meter reading system (SE protocol) security alarm systems, wireless networking, sensor;
3. Provide without any protocol RF hardware and software modules, eliminating the need for tedious development of RF ZigBee networking protocol developed by the customer.
Antenna interface of HPZB01P module configuration has three forms, 1. module comes with SMD ceramic antenna;2. provide IPEX standard interface; 3.without standard RF connector, direct 50 OHM output.
HPZB01P modules SMD package, small size (HPZB01P size for 26X15X3.3mm ), and easy to use. 
– Easy to use, support all ZigBee clusters through UART
– Can be used for coordinator, router or sleeping device
– Can develop user specific software or platform
– Can develop ZLL, HA or SE profile software or platform
– Integrated IEEE 802.15.4 PHY and MAC layer
– 16 channels in the 2.4 GHz ISM band
– 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M3 processor
– 192KB FLASH ROM and 12KB RAM (EM357 internal)
– Non-intrusive debug interface (SIF)
– SPI interface for communication and controlled by the Host using the EmberZNet Serial Protocol (EZSP)
– Internal RC oscillator for timer
– High performance direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) RF transceiver
– On-chip regulator for 2.1-3.6V operation
– HPZB01:+5dBm transmission power (Boost mode up to +8dBm)
– HPZB01:-98dBm reception sensitivity. (Boost mode -101dBm)
– low Deep Sleep Current.
– Small footprint: 26X15X3.3mm  
– wireless lighting Control
– Smart Home
– Smart Building control
– Wireless meter reading
– wireless sensor networking 
– Alarm systemdatasheet

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