The PAM3110 is a 1.5A CMOS LDO regulator that features a low quiescent current and low dropout voltages, as well as over temperature shutdown. The fixed output voltage of the PAM3110 is set at the factory and trimmed to ±1.5%. The PAM3110 is stable with a ceramic output capacitor of 4.7µF or higher. This family of regulators can provide either a stand-alone power supply solution or act as a post regulator for switch mode power supplies. They are particularly suitable for applications requiring low input and output voltages. PAM3110 is available in SOT-223, TO-252 and TO-263-2L package. Features
    DSP, FPGA and Microprocessor Power Supplies
 Output Voltages:1.2V, 1.5V,1.8V, 2.5V 3.3V and 5.0V
 Stable with a Ceramic Output Capacitor
 Dropout Voltage: 400mV@1.5A
 Low Quiescent Current
 Over Temperature Shutdown
 Short Circuit Protection
 Low Temperature Coefficient
 Pb-Free Packages Applications  DSP, FPGA and Microprocessor Power Supplies
 SATA Power Supply
 LCD TV/Monitors
 Wireless Devices
 Communication Devices
 Portable Electronics
 Post Regulator for SMS