SHT10 – Digital Humidity Sensor (RH&T) Economic relative humidity sensor for low cost applications.SHT10 digital humidity and temperature sensor is the low cost version  of the reflow solderable humidity sensor series. The accuracies have  been opened to a level that guarantees a very competitive price. The  capacitive humidity sensor is available up to high volumes and as every  other sensor type of the SHTxx family, it is fully calibrated and  provides a digital output. FeaturesEnergy consumption:80uW (at 12bit, 3V, 1 measurement / s) RH operating range:0 – 100% RHT operating range:-40 – +125°C (-40 – +257°F)RH response time:8 sec (tau63%)Output:digital (2-wire interface)Maximal accuracy limits for relative humdity and temperature:  Delivery ConditionsPackaging:Tape & Reel, sealed in ESD bagMinimal packaging size:2000 piecesDatasheet 

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