TC1264 is a fixed output, high accuracy (typically ±0.5%) CMOS low dropout regulator. Designed specifically for battery-operated systems, the TC1264’s CMOS construction eliminates wasted ground current, significantly extending battery life. Supply current is typically 80 µA at full load (20 to 60 times lower than in bipolar regulators!). TC1264 key features include ultra low noise, very low dropout voltage (typically 450 mV at full load), and fast response to step changes in load. The TC1264 incorporates both over-temperature and over-current protection. The TC1264 is stable with an output capacitor of only 1µF and has a maximum output current of 800 mA. It is available in 3-Pin SOT-223, 3-Pin TO-220 and 3-Pin DDPAK packages.
 Parameter Name
 Max Input Voltage
 Output Voltage (v)
 1.8, 2.5, 3.0, 3.3
 Typical Active Current (µA)
 Typical Dropout Voltage @ Max. lout (mV)
 Typical Output Voltage Accuracy (%)
 Output Capacitor Type
 Output Current (mA)

Very Low Dropout Voltage
High Output Voltage Accuracy
Standard or Custom Output Voltages
Over-Current and Over-Temperature Protection
Microchip TC1264-3.3VAB datasheet: pdf

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