Tụ 102-1kV


high voltage capacitorThese Ceramic Disc Capacitor are specifically designed for AC applications and meet the safety requirements of various safety standards agencies.These capacitors are ideal for across the line and line by-pass applications.Features:1.Ideal for across the line applictions2.Compact size3.Cost effective product4.Safety standards recognized for AC applictions Applications:1.Filtering circuit of high-voltage power2.High-voltage circuit of television set and monitor3.High-voltage circuti of various electronic equipments, like lighting ballast, power supply, telecommunications4.Working as snubber, EMI/RFI filterĐiện dung:1000pfMàu::XanhPin loại::xuyên tâmđiện áp:1kVKhoan dung::+- 10% Model:102/1kv

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