Datasheet AK4588VQThe AK4588 is a single chip CODEC that includes two channels of ADC and eight channels of DAC. The 
ADC outputs 24bit data and the DAC accepts up to 24bit input data. The ADC has the Enhanced Dual Bit 
architecture with wide dynamic range. The DAC introduces the new developed Advanced Multi-Bit 
architecture, and achieves wider dynamic range and lower outband noise. The AK4588 has a dynamic 
range of 102dB for ADC, 106dB for DAC and is well suited for digital surround for home theater and car 
audio. The AK4588 also has the balance volume control corresponding to the Dolby Digital (AC-3) 
The also has digital audio receiver (DIR) and transmitter (DIT) compatible with 192kHz, 24bits. The DIR 
has 8-channel input selector and can automatically detect a Non-PCM bit stream. The AK4588 provides 
a fully compatibility of hardware and software with the AK4628 and the AK4114. 

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