Datasheet  HD64180RF-6XBased on a microcode execution unit and advanced CMOS manufacturing technology, the HD64180 is an 8-bit MPU which provides the benifits of high performance, reduced system cost and low power operation while maintaning compatibility with the large base of industry standard 8-bit software.
Performance is improve by virtue of high operating frequency, pipelining, enhanced instruction set and an intergrated Memory
Management Unit (MMU) with 1M or 512k bytes memory physical address space.
System cost is reduced by incorporating key system function on-chip including the MMU, two channel refresh, two channel Asynchronous Serial Communication Interface (ASCI), Clocked Serial I/O Port (CSI/O), two channel 16-bit Programmable Reload Timer (PRT), Versatile 12 source interrupt controller and a ‘dual’ (68xx, 80xx) bus interface

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